I’m on the Heffy Doodle blog today with the next in my Scene Colouring series. I have a friend who is getting married on Halloween, so I combined the Happily Ever Crafter and Veggie Patch stamp sets to create this spooky wedding scene card. I also used this month’s Color Snapshot for the Heffy Doodler’s October challenge as background and colour palette inspiration. You’ve still got some time to enter this month’s challenge, so perhaps I can give you a little prompt.

And a little extra challenge for you. Can you spot the missing part I forgot to colour? 🙂

I like to layout my elements for a scene before stamping. I arranged the wedding carriage and couple towards the right, and the pumpkins to the left. I really wanted to add in a horse from the Hey There set, but I couldn’t fit it on nicely on this size card. Perhaps next time with a slimline card? The tomato from Veggie Patch doubled up as another smaller pumpkin.

Once happy with the layout, I stamped out the wedding scene using some masking paper (Heffy tape also works great here!). Make sure you stamp out the foreground elements first, mask and then work towards the background elements. I used some Lawn Fawn Jellyfish ink as this is perfect for no-line colouring and alcohol marker friendly. I used some light pencil lines to mark out the remaining scene elements, including the trees and path. Here’s a tip: if you want to make sure your trees are straight-ish, use a t-ruler to get the vertical and then draw near it. I had to erase my wonky-trees the first time as they all leaned towards the right!

I started with the background. The inspiration challenge photo has a gorgeous, spooky forest background. Using some blue-green markers, I started with a gradient wash over the whole background, keeping the darker colour to the top of the card. The trees in the foreground were darker than those in the background, and I made sure to block in the shapes. The background should not have too much detail, otherwise it will fight for attention with the foreground elements. I added a few scribbles to the vertical trunks for branches. This creates a fantastic background for any woodland scene!

Next, I filled in the path, starting with a gradient base layer and ‘dabbing’ on dots of colour to give some texture to the woodland floor. Keep the darker markers to the shadows, but blend them out towards the highlight areas.

The pumpkins were next and I chose some bright, bold oranges. What’s a Halloween-themed card without Jack-o-Lanterns? I sketched in some spooky faces with some light pencil lines and coloured the centres bright yellow. The parts of the pumpkin immediately next to the facial features would be partly in shadow, so darker lines help to emphasize the lit insides.

Now on to the main element – the carriage and the couple. I used some of the greens from the background elements to tie in the couple’s clothing, though chose a bright purple for their hair.

I had to go back into the background to balance out the colours and shadows and used a few coloured pencils to add some of the fine details to the scene.

I finished off the card with a simple sentiment from the Classic Sentiments set stamped in some Versafine ink.

A great spooky-themed wedding card I’m sure my friends will love!

Did you spot the piece I forgot to colour in? I only noticed whilst typing up the post, though I can now go back in before I send it on!

Supplies Used

  • Happily Ever Crafter stamp set (HD UK)
  • Veggie Patch stamp set (HD UK)
  • Classic Sentiments stamp set (HD UK)
  • Alcohol Marker Friendly cardstock (HD UK)
  • Copic markers
  • Coloured pencils
  • Lawn Fawn Jellyfish ink (SHC UK)
  • Versafine Clair Nocturne ink (HD UK)