I have something new and exciting to share with you today! It all started one Friday night, a few months back, when I caught one of Lesley Oman‘s Come Craft With Me YouTube lives. The discussion turned to Amy of Crafty Purple Frog‘s brand new range of stamps featuring the amazing badger from The Sett and the amazing cards the Design Team had made. I think I offhandedly mentioned something about it crying out to have a Potter-themed card made in its honour So long story short, a few months later and Amy was kind enough to send me the stamps to have a play with. So here is my Mr Hufflepuff card, complete with scarf, tophat and cane! I can just imagine him in one of the portraits in the Ravenclaw Common Room!

Amy’s range of stamps are more on the realistic side, so I went with the more realistic approach to colouring him in, using some Google images as a guide. This meant no-line alcohol marker colouring with a custom background and a few additional props. I played around with the digi stamps so I could use Photoshop to add in the scarf, hat and cane and then print, but I would recommend using Lawn Fawn’s Jellyfish ink on some blending cardstock and light pencil when using the physical stamp set. There is so much detail on his fur that I kept the background simple, letting Mr Ravenclaw stand out in all his glory!

I started out with the background, keeping to some warm and desaturated browns to help Mr Badger to stand out. I was tempted to draw in a picture frame, but went with the simpler panel layered effect. There’s probably a little bit too much variation and texture in the background for my liking, but lockdown has been hard on my markers and some of them are running a little dry! I next went on to colouring in the scarf as this was the lightest part, adding in the Ravenclaw navy stripes. The hat came next in some cooler grey tones to differentiate from the badger’s fur.

Using the guide images, I mapped out the different parts tones in the fur and just started flicking! The brush nibs on the Copic markers make this so much easier, though it can be done with other markers if you have some patience and practice. The key is to make the flicks short, and leave plenty of space in between flicks to allow you to build up the different tones of colour. A couple of white and black coloured pencils help to boost the contrast and give finer details once you’ve got the base colour down with the markers.

I used a Heffy Doodle Metric Stitched Rectangle Die to cut out the panel that I then mounted onto a yellow card base.

I’ve yet to decide on a sentiment, though I think it looks great as it is!

If you haven’t already, do go and check out Amy’s new stamp line and perhaps watch this space for additional projects from me!

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